In a real estate market where, high inventory is what prevails, the first thing I want to get across to my sellers is to make it about “The Price is Right”.  Otherwise your property will be most likely ignored by potential buyers, and this is not what you deserve.  Align your property with what the housing market is selling. Your property needs to have a greater visibility than your competitors’. Real Estate is about numbers. The more buyers look at your property, the higher the probability your home will sell. Another important factor that follows closely to pricing is “appearance”. Small details make big differences. See your property with the same eyes a home buyer will see it. Invest a little bit in making it look competitive against other similar properties in your area. Speak to an experienced real estate agent that works your market.  Call me to schedule a consultation; and I will be sure to give you the right pricing approach; and pointers that will help you sell your property and sell it well.